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Il dilemma dell'istrice

HD | 8 min. | Color | 2016 | with Alessandro G. Capuzzi


w/ Mai Nakazato

Music by Terry Bill



A man and a young girl or a filmmaker and a movie or Cinema and Italy. A short circuit between life and work of the main character who is in struggle with his relationships, connections and bonds.



 “Il dilemma dell’istrice” (Hedgehog's Dilemma) by A.G Capuzzi & E. Dainotti. Fragments of a relationship frozen in cold night-time frames are related and re-related in a story which deconstructs its own logic, releasing the need for intimacy but paradoxically repelling the actors convulsed by the impulse to be together. Drawing from the ‘Hedgehog’s Dilemma’, Capuzzi and Dainotti explore the parallel needs of complex human impulses which draw us together and drive us apart.

The Unstitute



SenteArte 2016 (Spain);

Other Movie Film Festival 2016 (Switzerland);

Catone Film Festival 2016 (Italy)

Fuse Stockholm (Sweden)

Breve storia di una Luce al Buio, Kinetta spazio Labus (Italy)  

Festival Ecrã, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)


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