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Progetto Hebi

HD | 56 min. | Color | Italy/Japan | 2014 | with Alessandro G. Capuzzi


w/ Mayu Cho, Mari Kawamura, Sarah Lumsden, Jamie Cook, Adam Shaw, Will Ward, Toyoaki Mishima

Music by Matteo Bennici, Andrea Volonté and Sarah Badr



Distribution OpenDDB




December 29th, 2012. The world is not over. Lele and Ale are in Tokyo to make their new movie. They part on the day of arrival and they will meet again at the airport before departure. Every evening an e-mail will describe the day of the 2 filmmakers, the encounters, the feelings, the places. They will not be able to reply to these emails, nor to call each other, nor to meet together.



Progetto Hebi starts from a small question. A reflection on people that act as walk-on into our lives. We asked ourselves what is the story of the old man that seats next to us on a train, or one of the waiters that work where we have breakfast or the story of the kid that cadge cigarettes from us in front of our office. We chose Tokyo because of its enormous size and its extremely large population and also for its ability to make you feel alone in the middle of the most crowded plaza in the world. Tokyo because we didn’t know lines, shapes, colors and odors of the city and so we were more receptive to stimuli. Tokyo to see with our own eyes a city after a tsunami and the Fukushima disaster. The idea of recording lives of multiple people in their daily life it has been the reason that made this project a reality. The writing of this movie has occurred during editing. At that time we started discussing with each other our pictures and the stories that we had stolen to the Eddoko. During post-production, we realized that the story of this journey had to be told by our voices. Ale and Lele are not professionals, they make mistakes, shout and embarrassed themselves. We realized that Ale and Lele are us.

Progetto Hebi is a movie about Tokyo, a movie about its inhabitants; a movie about Hebi. It’s our movie.

It’s the story of a journey made by two Italian guys, two young directors working on their new movie. Progetto Hebi is a fiction. Progetto Hebi is a documentary. Progetto Hebi is a performance. Progetto Hebi has been our excuse to search inside hundreds of strangers a piece of our lives.



DocUnder30 2014 (Italy),

London Int. Film Festival 2014 (UK)

JDS Kawasaki 2015 (Japan)

Nisville movie summit 2017 (Serbia)

Breve storia di una Luce al Buio, Kinetta spazio Labus (Italy)  




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