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My research focuses on the normalization of violence and the reactions to shocking and catastrophic events.

Impossibility, imperceptibility and inconceivability are keywords in my work. I challenge myself in creating impossible but at the same time plausible visual and narrative structures, thanks to the malleability and the transdisciplinary nature of the video medium.

I investigate “fear” and “death” as generating forces, focusing on the relationships that unfold when they meet with different agents, both human and non-human.

“Loop”, “time” and “finitude” are central themes in my work.

My practice is research-based. Atmospheres and people who make up the places where I live are at the base of all my projects. Walking through cities’ streets, entering bars, frequenting squares and local stores are the activities that kick off my research.

I mainly work at night. The intrinsic characteristics the night possesses greatly influence my work, both from an aesthetic and thematic point of view. Darkness, temporal dilatation, impalpability, opacity, ambiguity, complexity as well as lonely and marginal figures, street lamps, suburbs and fog have become part of my method and consequently my artworks.

The roots of my work are to be found in literature, anthropology, cinema and philosophy.

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