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Single Channel Video | HD | loop | B&W | 2016 | with Alessandro G. Capuzzi


w/ Marta zito, viral unaesthetic, Simone Rocca, Irene Gentili




Santa Teresa is a city in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Estimated population is 1.5 million people. Santa Teresa has gained further notoriety because of violence and as a major center of narcotics trafficking linked to the powerful Cartel, and for more than 1000 unsolved murders of young women from 1993 to 2003.


The film is composed by one long take, the final perfectly coincides with the beginning. You can loop it and make it infinite. Santa Teresa is the fictional name that Roberto Bolano's gave to Ciudad Juarez in his masterpiece novel "2666". The victim of SANTA TERESA, as a sort of Sisyphus, is forced in an infinite pattern death-resurrection-violence-death. The staging, cold, surgical, motionless, without editing cuts follows a detective who becomes murderers, then return to investigate, seamless



Awards & Screenings

Phifest Preview (Italy);

Laceno D’oro Film Festival 2016 (Italy) BEST SHORT

XIV Mostra internazionale del video d’autore Avvistamenti 2016 (Italy)

VAFT 2017 (Finland)

Filmideo 2017 (USA)

Fuse Stockholm (Sweden)

Salón Internacional de la Luz (Colombia)

Videohouse II (México)

FECIBogotá (Colombia)

Catone Film Festival (Italy) BEST EXPERIMENTAL SHORT

Retransmisión 2017 (Mexico)


Milano Film Festival - Salon de Refusés (Italy)

Art Display (Sweden)

Festival de Cine indipendente de Sogamoso (Colombia)

Breve storia di una Luce al Buio, Kinetta spazio Labus (Italy)  

Fonlad Festival (Portugal)

Play - Semana de Videoarte (Argentina)

Slow Short Film Festival (Tao Films)

One Take Film Festival (Croatia) 

Centro Galego de Artes da Imaxe (Spain)

Museo de Arte de Tlaxcala (Mexico) 

Casa Nueve (Mexico) 

Centro de Arte Bernardo Quintana (Mexico) 

Colectivo 41(Mexico) 

Artspace (Mexico)

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Alfredo Zalce (Mexico)

Sala Jeudi 27 (Mexico)

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