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Un cuento de Santa María

4-channel installation or 360° VR video-installation | HD | infinite loop | B&W | Uruguay | 2018



Un cuento de Santa María is a 4-channel installation created during the art residence AIR MadreSelva, Montevideo (Uruguay). The artwork is composed of four stories of people without hope inspired by the atmospheres of the novels written by the Uruguayan writer Juan Carlos Onetti. Onetti’s novels take places in the imaginary city of Santa María. The main characters of the artworks are forced into a nihilistic and dark loop. The aspect ratio of the 4 channels changes constantly and slowly until the images will become impossible to be watched by the viewer.



"The artwork possesses an excellent construction of a narration. It employs novel medium of film expression within 4 channel presentation. The ascetic aesthetics and image construction minimalism were confronted with passionate, dramatic human relations, and the dominance of gender issues."


ICIA Jury: Izabella Gustowska, Ryszard W. Kluszczyński, Michał Ostrowicki / Sidey Myoo, Mirosław Rogala, Jeffrey Shaw

Awards & Screenings 

International Competition for the Intermedia Artwork, Kraków (Poland), First Prize

Festival Ecrã, Museu de Arte Moderna, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Center of Contemporary Art Pispala, Tampere (Finland)





















Un cuento de Santa María, installation view 360°
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